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Updated: 10/19/2020
Unknown Story

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  • United States vs Nixon
  • Background Information
  • Argument
  • No, I want an executive order!
  • No, I want an executive order
  • Please hand over the tapes!
  • 1974
  • Supreme Court Ruling
  • In 1972, President Richard Nixon was trying to win the reelection one of his campaign workers hired men to break into the Democratic Party in Washington, DC to steal some files. The offices were in group of buildings called the watergate. Now is known as the Watergate scandal.
  • Connected Amendment
  • The Senate began to investigate the crime. They also learned that the president had a taping system in his White House office. With this system, and he had taped his conversation with aids. They thought that the tapes would show what the president and his aids know about the crime. And they ask for the tapes of president refused to release them. He based his claim on what he called executive privilege. A federal judge ordered Nixon to hand over the tapes. He refused and the case was appealed to the Supreme Court.
  • Impact
  • Eight justices took part in the decision they all agreed that the president had to turn over the tapes. The house of representatives begun the process of impeaching Nixon. The president finally released the tapes, which revealed his role in the cover-up. Four days later, he resigned from the office of president.
  • The Supreme Court’s limited executive privilege no one is above the law