Updated: 3/11/2020

Storyboard Text

  • i got evicted! I've been out of work for months, and now this! Hopefully those first hundred days will hep as much as they're sayin'
  • hey! what are you doing sleepin' outside my resturaunt?!
  • you look like your suffering from malnutrition! You gotta come into my soup kitchen
  • Sure
  • you must have it pretty good here, huh?
  • not really, they just foreclosed on my home, and this soup kitchen is ran as a public assistance effort by the government
  • Lets not get into poltics. Hey, if you're looking for somewhere to stay I heard of a little shantytown called hooverville down the road
  • This is why I don't understand those conservatives. If we keep things how they are, things aren't going to get better.
  • Why does he keep wanting to discuss political ideolgoies with me?
  • thanks, I might check that out. WIsh we hadn't elected that demagogue we call hoover in the first place.
  • I think I'm more appreciative of the socail security act. I want to retire eventually!
  • I'm hoping that civilian conservation corps project will help me get back on my feet. What do you think?