Chemistry Final- SandraR & GraceA
Updated: 5/19/2020
Chemistry Final- SandraR & GraceA
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Chemistry Final: Childrens Book

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  • 6th page
  • 7th page
  • 8th page
  • 7 metalliods. Metalloids have properties of both metals and non-metals.
  • 9th page
  • The halogens are five non-metallic elements found in group 17 of the periodic table.
  • 10th page
  • The six noble gases are found in group 18 of the periodic table.
  • 5th page
  • 7 Non-metals are the elements in groups 14-16 of the periodic table. This is where Hydrogen is from
  • 38 transition metals
  • 6 Alkaline Earth Metals. They are the second group of the neighborhood and are very reactive, so you have to be careful around them
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