Alley Cats Ep. 1
Updated: 9/22/2020
Alley Cats Ep. 1

Storyboard Description

In Wolf Island (I made that up by the way) In Alley Cats, Winter (the white cat) is a cat who can turn into a hybrid in order to protect himself. In this part, a man tried to collect him into his lab for science, the crowd behind him are his friends. The main reason Winter was born as a cat (a cat is rare, wolfs are common) was because his mom was a cat, but when she was born she was born a wolf! Sometimes in this universe, animals can change species. It's not common to turn into a cat, it's more common to become a fox. When they crashed into each other, Winter became a cat again, when a certain amount of force hits a hybrid they become their animal form again. The Scientist's name is Maximus he works at a lab in arizona. He knew Winter's dad, Max had a bad reputation with him. Ever since, he has been hunting down cats. The reason Wolf Island is named Wolf Island is because It used be only populated with wolfs when It was first named. After Winter's family came their the name was accurate but the name is now inaccurate.

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