Let's Read

Updated: 10/5/2021
Let's Read

Storyboard Text

  • Person VS Person
  • Not to me.
  • So you name. Stargirl. it is pretty unsal. Isn't it?
  • Person VS Self
  • WE got her so good! hahah
  • wait- where is everyone there left me all alone I think is is a misunderstanding. *it has to be *cry*
  • Person VS Nature
  • Feel the earth speaking to you.
  • In chapter 13, Keven was interviewing Stargirl it was called a hot-seat. A hot-seat is a talk show that they made in their school, it was just all about entertainment. This is a person VS person because there were both communicating to each other Stargirl and Keven.
  • In chapter 11, Stargirl got let alone all by herself at the Mica school, it was the cheerleader that tricked her telling Stargirl someone has forgotten something in the GYM can you please go get it. Then when Stairgil left to get it the other cheerleaders left and told the bus driver that everyone is onboard and left for a two-hour trip.
  • In chapter 17, Leo and Stargirl sit at the mountain together claiming themselves together.