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6.2 Project Choice
Updated: 2/25/2019
6.2 Project Choice
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  • Why was the battle of Saratoga, so important?
  • The colonist have won we shall join them in the war.
  • Why is Valley Forge Important? What Happened there?
  • How many people have we lost so far?
  • We have lost multiple people so far this young man behind us doesn't have much time left.
  • Who is Thomas Paine, what did he do?
  • This battle was a turning point because it showed the colonist were worthy of help from the French.
  • How was Foreign aid Helpful? Who Contributed?
  • Valley Forge was so important because of Washington and his militia were stuck in the cold of winter most people died from sickness or starvation.
  • How did War Affect Families?
  • My name is Rebeka and war has affected our family in so many ways.
  • Thomas Paine was the person that gave the famous saying, "These are the times that try mens souls..
  • How were Loyalist Treated by Colonies? Do you think this was the right thing to do? Why or Why not?
  • Foreign aid was helpful especially with the French since the had a lot of hatred towards the British.
  • The war affected families by the woman having to care of there children and cooking for there husband in between battles. It affected children by them having to grow up with out there fathers.
  • I have to wait for my daddy to come home and wait for him.
  • For example, I am a few miles from war and I have to cook for my husband's meals in the middle of his battles.
  • Loyalist was shunned by neighbors, victims of violence, being arrested, and some rare cases executed.
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