Romeo and Juliet Act 4 Story board

Updated: 5/12/2020
Romeo and Juliet Act 4 Story board

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  • Romeo and Juliet Act IV
  • Scene I
  • Scene II
  • Get Ready for some dramaBy: Meghan McGowan
  • Scene III
  • Paris goes to talk to the Friar about the wedding when Juliet walks in. Juliet tells him she does not want to get married and Paris leaves. Juliet says she rather die than marry anyone who is not Romeo so the Friar comes up with a plan for Juliet to fake her own death.
  • Scene IV
  • Juliet Returns home and tells lord Capulet that she is okay with the wedding now, and will marry Paris. She also ask for forgiveness from her actions the night before. Lord Capulet forgives her and moves up the wedding to the morning.
  • Scene V
  • Juliet goes back and forth on wether she wants to drink the vile or not. She ends up taking the risk of wanting to be with Romeo and drinks the vile.
  • Lord and Lady Capulet and the nurse have know idea what Juliet has done in her room and continue preparations for the wedding.
  • The next morning they find Juliet in her room dead, everyone is saddened by the news. But the friar reminds them she is in a better place up in heaven, even though he is the only one who knows she is still alive. After this being to turn the wedding into a funeral for Juliet.