redox reaction
Updated: 4/20/2020
redox reaction
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  • Hi! Iam FE. I want to be friends with SO4 but she doesnt pay attention to anyone else other then CU. They beame unbreakable bond cuso4. but so4 doesnt know that cu is just using her to get elctrons and upgrade herself into atom. but ill expose cu and be friends with so4.
  • Finally got what i wanted.
  • Here take these and leave.
  • e
  • e
  • YAY!!!!!
  • THANK YOU for telling me. Lets be best friends.
  • YES!!!!!!!!!
  • look a redox reaction happened.A new best friend ship FESO4.
  • Fe + CUSO4 FESO4 + CUFe is reducing agent as it losses two electrons and give it t cu. Oxidisation occurs here.Cu is oxidising agent as it gains electrons from Fe. Reduction occurs here.
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