Updated: 11/19/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Creating a stapble food suply
  • we hunted and gathered our food and had to move places a lot so we could move with our prey
  • soon we learned how to domesticate animals and used them to help with many things like for transportation
  • then we finally started to grow crops and use them for many things
  • These changes were very important because without them life would be so different if we didn’t learn how to grow crops/trade/hunt/tame animals, than we most likely would have waited too many years to learn these things and we could have died from starvation and you might not have been on earth today
  • Farming was also very important because without it we wouldn't have found new ways to have food, than we would have kept on hunting and gathering. And we would have to keep moving from place to place, and if we kept on doing that a lot of us could have gotten sick or died on the way to the new place