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Updated: 3/23/2020
Mitchell story board

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  • Social Security Act By Nelson Cuesta
  • The Social security Act is being launched in the Second New Deal alongside with other things to help improve American life. It is coming on August 15, 1935
  • How does this all work though, Random Guy?
  • Well the way this act works is you pay the gov. money to give to the poor, disables ect, and once you retire you receive the amount of money you put into the gov.
  • I still don't quite understand how this improves American lives
  • Well the money circulates throughout all citizens as I mentioned before it goes to the poor and others in need while going back to the original investor years later.
  • This implementation wont be easy for the President to do though.
  • To ensure that the tax wont go to the rivaling political group, FDR used this as an insurance rather than a welfare program.
  • I hope one day in the future they will have covered the losses of family members, specifically fathers, so they can survive without them.
  • My last hope is all Americans are eligible to sign up for a social security as farmers do not yet have access to it, such as a random farmerlike myself.