Daisy the Water Droplets Crazy Edventure 2
Updated: 3/12/2020
Daisy the Water Droplets Crazy Edventure 2

Storyboard Text

  • she soon it snowed, and she fell into a glacier. she had never been on one before so she was freezing cold
  • ice melts and water filters through the soil. Daisy is now warmer but now she is on the ground and is starting to give up on trying to find her elephant friend. she decided to look one more place.
  • she went to a lake and she decided to ask a fish passing by if it knew where Africa was.
  • go north
  • she went north till she could not go north anymore. she did not see her elephant so she turned back the way she came. she was really sad.
  • ones she saw the fish, he immediately said he accidentally said the wrong way and meant to say south
  • sorry...I meant to say south
  • she was able to find her friend the elephant