PROs & CONs (health sector) GELC 111 Group 3

Updated: 10/12/2021
PROs & CONs (health sector) GELC 111 Group 3

Storyboard Text

  • Hi, I'm Victor
  • Big data also has its negative sides when it comes to the health sector, do you know any examples of the disadvantages of Big Data?
  • Sir!, the last and strongest negative side of big data is the lack of privacy, especially when it comes to confidential medical records, because to be effective and get the full, comprehensive look at a patient, big data must have access to everything, including private records and social media posts.
  • For the pros ma'am is Modeling and forecasting outcomes, big data and predictive analytics assist healthcare specialists with clinical decision making. Example is Prognostic modeling which is widely used in healthcare for different purposes
  • sir! Big data also poses the risk of replacing doctors, because growth of big data could potentially undermine doctors and leave patients turning to technology for answers instead of using a licensed doctor
  • Looks like every one of you have studied well for our lesson for today. And the for the last example of the cons of big data, who would like to share their ideas in the class?