Science Storybored.

Updated: 5/27/2020
Science Storybored.

Storyboard Text

  • It was a peaceful day in some city mall.
  • Iced Tea Cafe
  • Except for the crazy person with his weird technology flying around.
  • I hate ice, it must be destroyed!
  • Iced Tea Cafe
  • Then he flew away leaving all of the ice as water.
  • And my tea is now regular tea without ice
  • Some Sort of Cafe Tea Cafe
  • I am all out of ice! He made it change into water!
  • They wondered how the could fix the problem
  • We might be able to fix it if we now what he did to the ice cubes?
  • Ice cubes are frozen water, so if we take a closer look at what happened with the molecules, we could fix this?
  • Some Sort of Cafe Tea Cafe
  • These are how the water molecules look now. Because they are in the liquid form, the pase by each other and take the shape of the container that they are held in.
  • So using their super-powerful microscopes, they looked at the water molecules.
  • This is how Ice's molecules are arranged. They are in a fixed position, and are in order. They can't move, but only vibrate. They also have less energy than the water did.
  • They continued to observe molecules in a solid.
  • Because water molecules flow past each other, this makes the water a fluid. But how do we make this a solid?
  • Because the molecules don't move, the ice is a solid, and keeps its shape until it changes state. But how do we get the water to become a solid?