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Physical Activity
Updated: 7/8/2020
Physical Activity
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  • Physical activity is very important to the human body and there is a lot of information involved with it. Firstly, you should know that thereare 3 body types: Ectomorph, (Skinny legs and arms, flat chest, long neck, etc.) Endomorph, (Rounded legs and arms, shorty neck, chubby.) and mesomorph. (Bulky, muscular, well chiseled features.
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  • A common side effect of physical activity is injury. Injuries canhappen anytime for nearly any reason, and it's important to address the injury before it get worse. It is very easy to reduce risk of injury, for starters, you should warm up prior to any physical activity. Warm ups should last around 6-12 minutes, and will increase your heart rate and muscle temperature to reduce injury. While participating in the activity, you should drink fluids every 20 minutes to reduce risk of injury; You should also wear any recommenced protection to preventinjury. Afterwards you should walk or cycle at a slow pace for 5-10 minutes to reduce heart rate and muscle temperature.
  • A common type of injury is muscle strain. Symptoms of muscle strain are sudden pain, swelling, soreness, or spasms. If you experience these systems, you should follow R.I.C.E protocol. This simply means to Rest, use Ice, Compress the area, and to Elevate the affected area symptoms are pain, swelling, limited mobility, and bruising or discoloration. If you experience these symptoms you should seek medical attention and follow R.I.C.E. protocol. Blisters are also common. You should dry and clean the affected area. Lastly, shin splints are somewhat common. The most common symptom of shin splints is pain in the front of your leg. You should stay away from painful activities and replace them with biking to reduce stress.Physical activity is very simple once you follow the guidelines, with these rules, you should be safe to participate in no time.If you become injured any time while participating in physical activity, it is very important to get medical attention if pain/swelling/etc. persists. Be safe and play safe.
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