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Updated: 2/19/2020
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  • The French Revolution inspired the Latin American Revolutions. Creoles disliked being second class citizens and weren't trusted by the Spanish. Spanish immigrants were put to rule instead of them. With the inspiration, lower class people began revolting due to the hard labor being put on them. The merchants in the colonies could only trade with Spain at very high prices.
  • Jeff did you hear about that French revolution
  • Ye Dog
  • With Charles IV taking over Spain, Spain became very weak. He foolishly allied with Napoleon to fight the British but Napoleon betrayed Charles IV and took over Spain in 1808. Napoleon's take over lowered Spain's presence in Latin America and angered the creoles even further.
  • Somewhere in Europe
  • The people wanted to separate from the imperial powers and become independent. They also wanted a fairer social system because creoles were second class citizens and peasants didn't want to work. Slaves wanted to be free from the harsh working conditions.
  • I, a Creoles want equal rights and more power
  • Ye Dog
  • In c. 1804 many countries like Mexico, Grand Columbia, Peru, Brazil, and Chile gained freedom. in 1811 Haiti's revolt inspired the creoles and Napolean taking over Spained angered them. By 1815 Brazil gaining freedom inspired other countries.
  • Freedom!!!
  • Ye Dog
  • One important document was the new liberal constitution that proclaimed Spainish american possession to be full members of the kingdom and not mere colonist. Another document was La Carta de Jamaic, written by Simon Bolivar, laid out critism of Spanish colinalism.
  • The comstitution of the new independent state ended some social distinction and abolished slavery. Due to voting restriction many indigenous people were excluded from voting for not being able to read or write in Spanish, causing there to be a social hierarchy.
  • Wait! since when did you learn a new phrase
  • I got to say it's nice to have more equality but not enough to the point where there isn't a hierarchy
  • I totally agree
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