Siddhartha Chapter 8 comic strip
Updated: 2/7/2021
Siddhartha Chapter 8 comic strip

Storyboard Text

  • "Siddhartha wandered into the forest ... full of ennui, full of misery, full of death" (87). Siddhartha felt empty inside due to all of the material things and life that he had. He has spent so long becoming a Samana, just for him to fall into the ways of a supposed ordinary being.
  • "A chilly emptiness in the water reflected the terrible emptiness in his soul ... the deed which le longed to commit, to destroy the form which he hated" (88-89). Siddhartha led two lives, one full of purity and sacrifices, and the other with sin. He now feels empty, and he thinks of himself as a failure, wanting to commit suicide to rid himself of his pain.
  • "Murmuring Om, he laid his head on the tree roots and sank into a deep sleep" (90). Siddhartha once again found the power of the word Om, he found his true peace again. He is horrified that he ever considered suicide an option, as it would not solve anything.
  • "Now I recognize you and do not understand why I did not recognize you immediately" (92). Govinda fails to recognize his old friend Siddhartha, and part of that could be attributed to his new attire and look, which is unlike one that he previously used to sport, the look of a Samana.
  • "Where is Siddhartha the Brahmin, where is Siddhartha the Samana, where is Siddhartha the rich man? The transitory soon changes" (94). Siddhartha is informing Govinda that it doesn't matter what clothes he wears or how he looks like, every pilgrimage is different, and he is currently on his, trying to find the knowledge he seeks.
  • "today he was young, he was a child-the new Siddhartha-and he was very happy" (100). Siddhartha now realizes that he is child-like, happy and care-free, the songbird in him alive. He now has the wisdom he was searching for all this time.