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Zeus's Nightmare
Updated: 12/7/2018
Zeus's Nightmare
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  • Zeus the god of thunder/lightning was playing and acting greedy in his castle.Hades the god of the underworld saw this and wanted to give Zeus a lesson for his greediness.Hades thought of a plan to get Zeus captured.
  • Zeus was fighting Hades they kept yelling insults at each other.Insults like, "you suck" and "your the worst and the ugliest.Then came Poseidon from his waters.
  • Hades asked "Poseidon help me defeat Zeus he needs a lesson". Poseidon replies "alright lets get him and defeat him"Hades described his plan to beat Zeus.They fought it out against Zeus
  • Zeus got hit with a tidal wave and roared.Then threw a huge bolt at Poseidon. Poseidon dodged it.With Zeus angry he gets distracted easily,so Poseidon took advantage of this and pinned Zeus down with a huge tidal wave.
  • Hades got Zeus hard while Poseidon had him pinned down.Zeus got really angry and roared louder and broke free.Zeus hurled the biggest bolt of lightning ever at the two.Zeus missed and kept firing.
  • Poseidon called the biggest tidal wave ever and kept Zeus pinned with it.Hades called the underworld to lock Zeus up.Zeus was kept in a non breakable container for 500 years.Then he earned his lesson to not be greedy.
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