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Updated: 12/14/2020
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  • Fredonian Rebellion
  • Haden Edwards is taking over Nacadogches which was called the Fredonian Rebellion.He wanted Texas to be independent from Mexico.
  • I'm taking over Nacagdoches
  • Even though Nacagdoches was already settled Haden still took it over.
  • Law of April 6,1830
  • Fredonian Rebellion
  • Even though the government of San Antonio said to cool it,Haden said the he is an impresario and that he has all the power.
  • I am an empresario! I have all the power
  • So when he said he has power, the Texans had to pay for their ownership of the land so the Texans were really furious.
  • Fredonian Rebellion
  • Before the Fredonian Rebellion Haden didn't care what the government said.
  • You should stop Haden and do your job as an empresario.
  • I don't care what you say i have power and i need my money!
  • Law of April 6,1830
  • The law of April 6,1830
  • We need to do something to make Anglos not want to live in Texas so they wouldn't rebel against Mexico.
  • When Mier Y Teran went to report in Texas tehy were more anglos than Mexicans
  • I went to report in Texas and i grew suspicion of the Anglos.
  • Influenced by the mier y teran report,the law of april 6 was born.
  • The law of April 6 led to no immigration from the US and no slaves brought in Texas or in Texas.
  • We need it because we need to regain control of the Anglos in Texas.
  • Every Texans was furious because of the the law so they had a convention of 1833.
  • The law of April 6,1830 happened.You Texans can't have slaves and no more family here.
  • Why did my slaves get taken away and why can't my family get in Texas?