The Cold War
Updated: 4/20/2020
The Cold War
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These slides are a depiction of the events that lead up to the Cold War

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  • Differing views
  • The Tehran, Yalta and Potsdam Conferences
  • Winston Churchill's iron curtain speech made it plain that he thought the soviet Union was a threat to freedom and world peace which lead to the USSR to create anti- western propaganda
  • The USSR and the USA are odds due to differing ideologies. The USSR are communist, this ideology is where everyone forms a sort of community. The USA are capitalist which is a system in which production is chiefly maintained by private individuals or corporations.
  • In Tehran(1943) it was agreed that Germany would surrender and Poland would receive land from Germany but Stalin would keep land it had seized from Poland in 1939. In Yalta the Grand Alliance wanted to split up Germany into four zones and finally Potsdam marked the change in members and the splint of berlin.
  • The Truman Doctrine's aim was to provide aid to countries in desperate situations with bad capitalist economies so they would not turn to Communism. The Marshall Doctrine was part of the Truman Doctrine this was the financial aid which would support democratic countries. America had two motivesthought that poor countries would turn to communismtrying to undermine the USSR in the East
  • As well as the speech Kennan wrote a telegram reporting that Stalin wanted to destroy Capitalism meaning the Truman decided he had to stop the spread of communism. However Novikov's telegram told the USSR that US military power would dominate the world and that they were no longer willing the co-operate.
  • Cominform was created to test the loyalty of Eastern European Governments. It investigated and removed ministers who weren't loyal. It also rejected Marshall aid. Comecon was an organisation of economic mutual aid between different communist countries. Because Stalin had told his satellite States to boycott the Marshall aid he made a communist alternative. politically it would minimise American influence in Eastern Europe.
  • Stalin began creating his Satellite states which would create a useful buffer zone between the USSR and Germany as well as meaning expanding communist control as he felt threated by the USA. He managed to occupy Hungary, Poland, Romania and Latvia to name a few.
  • Stalin forbade any Easter country from taking Marshall Aid. the Czechs and Poles wanted to take American aid but were stopped by the Russians.
  • This meant Europe had been divided with the western part of Europe with America and eastern Europe with the USSR.
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