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A Hard Goodbye (trig ratios)
Updated: 5/18/2020
A Hard Goodbye (trig ratios)
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  • School is just about to be let out, and Nick doesn't want to leave his senior year behind. He is very grateful for the memories and friends he has made, but he is also really excited for his trip to San Francisco this summer with his younger sister. Before he leaves, he decided to play one last game of football, soccer, and baseball with his friends.
  • Man, I'm gunna miss these guys :(
  • Nick went to the football field alone first and he wanted to score in the goal post one last time. The goal post is 23 feet high and his angle to the post is 40°. By using trig, he finds out that to find the distance he must do sin (40) = 23/x to get 35.8. He is only 35.8 feet away.
  • 23 ft
  • 40°
  • X
  • Next Nick heads over to the soccer field to score another goal with his friends Frankie and Joe. Joe and Frankie are 25 feet apart and Joe's angle to the goal is 15°. Joe and Nick are 8 feet apart, but Nick doesn't know the distance between him and the goal so he can score. By using trig, he finds out that to find the distance he must do tan (15) = x/25 to get 6.7. He is only 6.7 feet away.
  • X
  • 15°
  • Don't let Frankie get it!!
  • 25 ft
  • Lastly Nick went to the baseball field. There he was with his friends Kevin and Jason. Nick is trying to score a homerun and he is 12 feet from the baseball. The angle of depression is 30°. How far away is Kevin from catching the ball so he can tag Nick out?
  • Just a little further....
  • 12 ft
  • By using trig, he finds out that to find the distance he must do cos (30) = x/12 to get 10.4. He is only 10.4 feet away.
  • 30°
  • X
  • Back in the locker room....
  • Thank you guys for the best 4 years. I'll see you when I get back from San Francisco.
  • I'm going to miss you guys in college.
  • Peace out high school! Its been fun!
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