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A Memorable Last Day (law of sines)
Updated: 5/17/2020
A Memorable Last Day (law of sines)
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  • While Nick stayed at school to hang out with his friends, his twin sister, Taylor went to the hospital to finish her last day interning at the hospital.
  • Alright last day!! Though I'm quite sad to be finishing my internship today :(
  • A Few Hours Later in Gertrude's Room
  • Hi Karen! I'm good thank you. I cant believe it's already over!!
  • Good morning Taylor! Last day! How're you doing?
  • In the other room....
  • OUCH!!
  • CRASH!!
  • Oh shoot! C'mon lets check it out!
  • By using the law of sines, Taylor found out that to find the distance she must do sin (90)/15 = sin (50)/x.
  • Taylor and the doctor and nurses are standing 15 ft apart. Both heard the crash. The angle between the doctor, nurses, and the room is 50°. How far is the room from Taylor?
  • 50°
  • 15 ft
  • 40°
  • X
  • Then you get x sin (90) = 15 sin (50). After you divide sin (90) from both sides you get 11.5. Taylor is 11.5 feet away from the room.
  • C'mon Karen! Let's go help!
  • Thank you Doctor Mike! Taylor I hope you will still visit when you're home from college. I'll miss you!
  • Thank you Gertrude. I'm glad you're okay. Don't worry, I'll definitely visit over school break!
  • It's a good thing we heard you. Luckily nothing's broken. You'll just have a few bruises tomorrow.
  • Thank you for interning with us for the past four years! You were definitely my favorite!
  • I'll miss you Taylor. Enjoy San Francisco!!
  • Alright I guess this is it. Thank you Doctor Mike and Karen for everything! I'll see you next fall over Thanksgiving break!
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