Updated: 2/13/2020

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hero story

Storyboard Text

  • The Epic Story of Beowulf
  • **loud music and celebrations and cheering**
  • The monster Grendel, decedent of Cane & a giant, was in his cave and heard music in Herot which made his eardrums pound in pain
  • We love our King Hrothgar!!! 
  • He was tried of all the people having fun so he went down and attacked the Danes, ripping them apart and throwing them against walls.
  • I must stop all this loud music
  • Maybe this table will protect us
  • No need to fear, for I shall slay the wretched monster that threatens you and your people
  • Beowulf, a brave warrior and leader of the Geats, comes to Herot and tells King Hrothgar he is ready to slay the monsters terrorizing his people
  • The next time that Grendel came to Herot, Beowulf was there to save the day, defeating Grendel by ripping off his arm
  • I am the greatest hero of my time, you will die at my glorious hands.
  • You may have escaped Hrunting, but you will not defeat this magic sword made by giants!!!!
  • After defeating Grendel, Beowulf goes to the cave in which Grendel and his mother lived to finish some business and fight Grendel's mother
  • Years and years go by after Beowulf defeats Grendel's mother, and at a very old age, he fights his last battle, and will go down in history as one of the greatest epic heroes.
  • I will defeat you to avenge my son's death!
  • Thank you, Wiglaf, for staying by my side when no one else did. Please take the defeated dragon's treasure back to our people. 
  • Anything for the greatest hero ever