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Updated: 2/3/2020
comic strip project
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  • The sea turtles have had to adapt in many ways and one way is that their forelimbs are modified to help them swim fast to escape predators
  • Their necks are non retractile because that would slow down their speed and they would get eaten by predators
  • Another Structural Adaptation is the mouth of the turtle, it has no teeth, Their jaws are powerful and shaped like a bird’s beak. Most sea turtles are carnivore eating crabs, sponges, clams, molluscs and other marine invertebrates, therefore they have no problem eating their allocated cuisine.
  • A behavioral adaptation of the Green Sea Turtle is how adult females return to the same region where they were hatched.
  • finally a Physiological Adaptation of the Green Turtles - Thermoregulation, because most sea turtles are ectothermic or “cold blooded,” it means that they cannot regulate their internal body temperature. Their metabolism is dependent on the surrounding environment. Being ectothermic had some advantages. It enables them to lower their metabolic rate, so they need less oxygen and can stay submerged for longer periods of time, allowing them to both eat and avoid being eaten.
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