Charlemagne: Hero or VIllian
Updated: 2/3/2020
Charlemagne: Hero or VIllian
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  • Pope Leo, "You are now the King of the Franks"Charlemagne, "Great thank you I can now lead my country to a Renaissance and create educational revival. Unite Germanic people and other great things."
  • Charlemagne, "I believe in the church strongly but I am married to another person to have more sons."Wife: "I think the kids will love you. You are so friendly kind, and very good in general. I am so excited for their lives!"
  • *At the castle in Aachen, GermanyCharlemagne: Here is the castle it isn't that grand but it doesn't matter that much.Wife: Wow you are so humble but yet a great military leader and treat all people group's equally.
  • Charlemagne: This is some of our schools. I am going to visit them to see how the Carolingian Renaissance is going. I am so excited to see all the wisdom that my kingdom is gaining. We are such a big empire know it is better for everyone to have such wisdom.
  • Mom: Hey look it is Charlemagne he may have killed the Saxons but he has done such a great job ruling the Empire.Charlemagne: Thank you I am so different from other emperors. I have sent many good things in stone. I think I have left a great legacy and changed the future of Europe in a good way.
  • Charlemagne: No people, in the empire are getting raided. I shall save them and the economy. This is the best thing to do. I want to say I am a hero but I am to humble to say so. I am a hero though.
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