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20 Years Later
Updated: 10/5/2020
20 Years Later
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  • Lets go on a little walk.
  • Is that you Bob?
  • Is that you Jimmy Wells?
  • It is. You surley have changed. Jimmy never new you were so tall
  • It sometimes changes a good man into a bad man. You've been under arrest for ten minuites Bob. Chicogo cops thought you were going to New York.
  • Well enough i work for the city
  • Twanty years is long but not enough to change a mans nose.
  • Wait you are not Jimmy Wells.
  • Are you doing well in work Jimmy.
  • "Bob: I was at theplace at the right time. I saw the face of the man who was wanted by the Chicogo cops. I did'nt want to arrest you myself . So I wen't and got another cop and sent him to do the job. JIMMY."
  • First here is something I was asked to give to you . You may read it here at the window Its from a cop named Wells.
  • Now you are under arrest.
  • Lets see what we'll find down this dark windy day like today.
  • What are you doing by this closed shop?
  • Well you see, me and my friend Jimmy aggred to meet here at this spot 20 years ago.
  • I heard that you were successful in the West.
  • I sure was. I've had to fight for my success. In New York, a man doesn't change much. In the West you learn how to fight for what you get.
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