El Soldado Y La Mujer- Comic Strip
Updated: 2/24/2021
El Soldado Y La Mujer- Comic Strip

Storyboard Text

  • the
  • Please take me to the town dance?
  • This is the solider driving home on a dusty road in his Chevy. He is thinking about a soft bed and his parents. This is set in the 1940's time frame.
  • Will you dance with me?
  • A lady is on the side of the road waving and trying to get his attention. She was dressed in a black dress that was embroidered and looked like it was from the previous century.
  • *rock music starts to play*
  • The mystious lady asks the tired solider to take her to the town dance (the solider does not know of this dance, but he agrees). She tells him that her name is Cruz Degada.
  • *music from the previous century starts to play*
  • They have just arrived to the dance and Martin does not know anyone. Everyone is looking at them. This is when the solider asks the women to dance and she is doubting the idea a little bit.
  • The women and the solider were about to dance, but the solider realized that the women is just standing still. He is confused by this. She realizes what type of music is (rock), and starts to cry.
  • *some girls laugh and cover their faces*
  • *the girl starts to cry*
  • Martin wipes down her tears with her dress and opens her arms to dance with him. It was said that she had dignity in her eyes. The orchestra started to realize that she enjoys old waltz and they play it for the rest of the night
  • *the people look at them with admiration*