bills of rights
Updated: 2/3/2021
bills of rights

Storyboard Text

  • Joseph your a suspect in a murder case
  • Wait Joseph whats this about
  • I wont speak without one
  • What!?! I didn't murder anybody well anyway I want my judge
  • were here are you ready to talk
  • Im not gonna talk without my judge
  • your honor Sean was my friend and i had no interest in murdering him,so after i seen him last night i went to the court to shoot
  • Joseph you was the last one seen with sean and last night he was murdered can you tell us were you was at
  • I dont think he killed him
  • the 7th amendment,Joseph is being arrested because hes a suspect so Joseph is asking for a judge.Because Joseph wont speak without one
  • Joseph still wont talk without a judge
  • here,Joseph is justifying that he didn't kill his friend Sean so he is then call not guilty.