Updated: 1/31/2021

Storyboard Text

  • I Henry Clay speaker for War Hawks push for a war against Britain.
  • Fire on my comand!
  • The USS Constitution vsHMS Guerriere was an action between the two ships durnig the war of 1812. It took place shortly after the war broke out.
  • Ready?1...2...3
  • Everybody ready to fire when comanded?!
  • The Battle of Lake Erie was a major U.S. naval victory, and ensuring U.S. control over Lake Erie. Also preventing the British from penetrating the middle of the U.S.
  • They will come.
  • Come on lets go.
  • What about the rest?
  • On August 24, 1814, invading British troops marched into Washington and set the White House on fire.
  • Wait for us!!!
  • The Battle of Baltimore was fought between British invaders and American defenders. The Americans won the battle and Francis Scott Key wrote a poem that latter became the U.S. national anthem.
  • Battle of New Orleans was faught between the British Army and the United States Army. The United States achieved its greatest battlefield victory.