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Updated: 2/21/2019
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  • I HATE YOU!!!
  • This place is so swampy and disgusting!
  • What the heck is this?!
  • HEY!! Do not touch that!
  • Mr. and Mrs. Walker are very unhappy people. The wife has a bad temper and they always argue. There home is not a good palce to be.
  • Tom takes a short cut home one day and comes across a skull. When he kicks it a large black figure appears and yells at him for touching it. This figure is the devil, but since he deals with his wife all the time, he is not scared. The devil has many treasures but you only can get those under certain circumstances (selling your soul).
  • Please forgive me, God.
  • Tom went home to tell his wife that he might sell his soul. She really wanted to so in spite of her he didn't. She decided to take this into her own hands and try to agree to what the devil wants in return for the treasures. But she just is not good enough and Mrs. Walker never returns home. Tom knows she is dead because he passes her apron hanging in a tree one day.
  • Tom realizes the devil has been right about a lot. So Tom agrees to to sell his soul to him and work for him. 
  • Tom shows off his money and becomes a usurer. He realizes he made a mistake and that he was bound to go to hell. He started going to church all the time and praying loudly everyday.
  • Tom is taken by the devil and never returns.
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