Updated: 11/2/2020

Storyboard Description

Coraline story is about young girl that appeared in a fiction world.

Storyboard Text

  • New home
  • Tea from mrs. Spink
  • You are in danger, Coraline
  • Coraline´s other parents
  • Coraline and her parents moved to the old house, where also live mrs. Forcible , mrs. Spink and the wierd man with mouse circus. When they moved in, Coraline started exploring.
  • Dog´s theatre
  • Coraline was bored, so her daddy told her to go visit mrs. Spink and mrs. Forcible. She offered her a cup of tea and read her future from that, she said Coraline is in danger.
  • Lost parents
  • Coraline appeared in a house that looked the same as in the real world but her parents were different and she recognized also other differences. Her other parents wanted her to stay with them.
  • A talk with other mum
  • When she was in the fiction world she went to a theatre, where other mrs. Spink and mrs. Forcible had auditions. Coraline talked there with a dog and gave him her chocolates.
  • Coraline could not find her parents anywhere so she told that to mrs. Spink and mrs. Forcible, but they did not believe her, then she called police officer, he did not believed her neither. They went on a hall and her parents were inprisoned in a mirror.
  • Coraline asked her other mum about her parents and she wanted to play with her some games, or with rats or something, but she did not want to talk about her parents, then she got mad and give Coraline behind the mirror, she was in the darkness.