Greek Mythology Project
Updated: 11/26/2019
Greek Mythology Project

Storyboard Text

  • Wow! The weather is perfect! I love going sailing with my friend from Ancient Greece! I am Dudeckuis!
  • Haha, We don't care that we are killing the sea animals. Hopefully we do not anger Poseidon.
  • I am Poseidon and I am here to punish you for not caring about the sea life and angering me!! I have come with Hydra, the Mythical Beast and my army of sea creatures! You can only escape if you apologize!
  • OK, then get on your boat and never anger me again! Go home now!
  • OK, we are very sorry for angering you and endangering the sea life. It will not happen again!
  • We must get home and tell our village about the lessons we learned, quick!
  • Yes, we must never anger the gods again.
  • While we were sailing we were careless and learned to never anger the gods, and to always watch out for the welfare of wildlife.
  • Wow thank you for the lesson.