Micro-teaching Journey
Updated: 5/28/2020
Micro-teaching Journey

Storyboard Description

This is a reflective comic after taking a micro-teaching class. (Yudha Wijaya - 171214113)

Storyboard Text

  • I'm so nervous. What I've planned is different from the way she teaches:(
  • Learning from Observation
  • Relax! Each teacher has his/her own style in teaching. Yours will be great!
  • I want to quit school!
  • Pay attention to me! I've struggled a lot to make your RPP!
  • Struggles in Practicing
  • I don't know. I feel so bad about my delivery :(
  • Hi guys, did I make a mistake?
  • So do I. I was not very confident, too.
  • Overcome the Difficulties
  • Are you ready for the next teaching?
  • Whoa, very well-prepared
  • I've been practicing in front of the mirror all day long
  • RPP
  • Yea, I've designed my RPP better. It must be great now
  • Created by: Yudha Wijaya - 171214113