Updated: 1/30/2021

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  • Don't worry we'll help you!
  • The Crimean War was a war between the Russians and the Ottomans over the Black Sea. When the war continued the Ottomans got help from the British and France, but in the end the Ottoman empire decreased in size and they lost many Crimean lands. 
  • You've been making us go against our religion!
  • Hmmmm i don"t know what your talking about.
  • The Sepoy Rebellion After taking Oudh under there control, the British had started to control India. Later in years a rumor got out about how the British were using fats from cows and pigs to oil the Sepoys weapons. This caused a an outbreak of anger from both the Hindus and Muslims.
  • The Zulu and British war was conducted by the Zulu chief, Shaka. The fight lasted for around 70 years before the British won, because of better military. Zulu then went under Britians control.
  • King Leopold was an imperialist of the Congo and told the world all these glamours things he was doing, but this was false. Instead of building schools and necessary things for the people of the Congo, Leopold made the people work and be slaves to him so that he could sell products. Once the word got out from a reporter who visited and seen the awful things, King Leopold was disassociated with the Congo.
  • what the world doesnt know wont kill them.
  • cake ingredients:racism, social Darwinism, greed, natural selection
  • The Berlin Conference was a conference between 14 nations, mostly Europeans, about the dividing and power over Africa because of arguments. This was a key point in Imperialism. To keep in mind, NO AFRICANS WERE INVITED TO THIS!
  • Africa
  • These two, the Boers and the British, are currently fighting over mine and my other fellow Southern Africans land because of the new diamonds and gold discovered here. Not only did this war last long but it also ruined our land and people by their war techniques. In the end, the Boers will lose and join us, while the British take control.