English Assessment
Updated: 5/20/2020
English Assessment

Storyboard Text

  • Oh how my crew and I are so famished!
  • work cited Fitzgerald. Robert.The Odyssey. The Language of Literature. edited by Author Applebee et al., Macdougal Little, 1996,pp 894-964
  • Odysseus and his man make their way onto their island as they are starved and tired. When they see cattle they have been forewarned not to kill.
  • Look there, a whole herd of cows! They Look vulnerable and were so famished.
  • Odysseus leaves his men unattended for a short while.
  • Odysseus's men even after being warned gave into the temptation of hunger, they killed the cattle.
  • Odysseus returns back to his men seeing the horrible thing they have done, even knowing what they have done he stood by and didn't stop them.
  • Temptation( Helios gets upset with Odysseus and his men after this awful thing they have just done. So he calls upon Zeus to punish them for their actions , the men gave into their temptations and killed the cattle knowing they truly shouldn't have.
  • "O Father Zeus and Gods in bliss punish Odysseus's men! So overweening, now they have killed my peaceful kine."