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Updated: 3/30/2021
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • there is different ways they learned how to use things. they used zoology, astronomy,& irrigation and underground wells.
  • for example, in zoology, we studied animals. books were written describing the structure of animals bodies.
  • another subject they used for study is geography and navigation. studies included navigation instruments, and they examined different things in different regions.
  • navigational studies we used were adapted quickly. a tool we used for example is called the astrolabe used for the location of the sun or stars.
  • the study of mathematics was advanced. what they learned was adapted quickly then they added their own contributes.
  • an example is we used 7x + 4 = 25 to figure out the unknown for x.
  • their most important innovations came from medicine. later on they improved their knowledge from a good deal with ancient greeks and indians.
  • fun fact, in the tenth century at least five hospitals were open in Baghdad.
  • in the Muslim lands, huge cities were developed. many people worked hard to build palaces, schools, orphanages,hospitals, mosques, and other buildings.
  • one type of building was called mosque. it includes a tower with a tiny balcony. many designs went into this building.
  • many types of music and art were created.
  • a type of art that was created is called textiles. Muslims brought great artistry to making them.
  • our music was wonderful. it was essential to our culture. we made songs about love, nature and the glory of the empire.