The adventure of Edwin and Talwar.
Updated: 12/19/2019
The adventure of Edwin and Talwar.
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Edwin and Talwar set on a quest to save the princess.

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  • Protangonist
  • Companion
  • Antagonist
  • The Protagonist of the story is a red knight named Edwin. He lives and works for a kingdom named Taswol. He is given a mission to save the king's daughter from the monster named Meetee. The red knight held the highest honor in the kingdom being the best of the Knights.
  • Forbidden land
  • We must secure the Princess at all cost.
  • On his journey he is accompanied by a grand wizard name talwar who will help enchant him and defeat this magical monster. The princess's name is Mia. Talwar is a grandfather of magic and is over 120 years old.
  • Meetee's Final words
  • Mac wale mote sawe mase kowe kalwa!!
  • The magical monster named Meetee wants to rule the lands. He's acquired human like thinking capabilities speaking ancient language. He kidnapped the king's daughter and plans on making the king give up the throne to the lands.
  • Mia
  • Oh thank the lords! You've come to save me!
  • Need worry not. I will return you home safety my lady.
  • The Edwin and Talwar are on there eway to the forbidden cave where rumours of Meetee reside. Meetee is an ancient specimen that has been around for thousands of years evolving and plotting.
  • The forbidden land is this way!
  • Wait Talwar we must be sure of Mia and her whereabouts.
  • They find a cave in the forbidden land and enter it wandering until they find Meetee. The daughters is not in sight so Talwar starts shouting enchantments while Edwin tries to calm him in order to be sure of the daughters safety. They both hear screams from within the cave and fighting breaks out between the monster the the duo.
  • ???
  • I will end you!
  • Edwin and Talwar turned out victorious defeating the monster but not without sacrifice. Talwar died enchanting his final seal spell to keep Meetee from coming back to life. Edwin found the daughter, she was happy to see him and the knight brought Mia back to the kingdom later marrying her.
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