Updated: 11/20/2020

Storyboard Text

  • On one eventful evening, Matilda's Husband came home with an invitation which would change there normal days.
  • This is the invitation to ministers party.
  • Here! This is something you would like.
  • What did you bring?
  • How stupid you are! Go ask your friend Mme Forestier for her jewels.
  • What do you suppose i do with that! I dont even have jwellery.
  • So Matilda went to her friend to ask her for some jewels for the party at the ministers residence.
  • I will choose this one.
  • Hey Jeanne i am in dire need for jewels for the ministers party.
  • Sure choose what you want.
  • the day of ball arrived and after Matilda showed off her necklace and finally realized that it had gone missing.
  • why are you looking like a ghost appeared in front of you?
  • I lost the necklace.
  • After trying to find the necklace they found out that the necklace was for 40000 francs . So before they could pay it off they replaced it and gave a fake to Mme Forestier.
  • Ten years passed . Matilda and her husband finally paid off all the money required for the necklace. So after doing that Matilda went to Mme Forestiers house to tell her the truth.
  • The necklace i returned was a fake i had been working for ten years to pay off the 40000 francs.
  • Jeane i have come here to tell you the truth.
  • matilda i am so sorry it was only 500 francs.
  • what truth?