Alg Digital Notebook Assignment
Updated: 1/9/2021
Alg Digital Notebook Assignment

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  • Algebra Progect
  • These are the explanations to the Digital Notebook Assignment project.
  • Question# 1
  • This was simple, all I had to do was graph Y=2X and then view the graph. I saw that the graph had a Y intercept of 0 and I marked some points as well
  • Question# 2
  • First, I graphed x+4y=12 and I got and I got Y=-1/2x+3. This made the Y intercept 3 and it made graphing points really easy!
  • Question# 3
  • First I graphed 4x-3y=12 and found out that the X intercept is 3 and the Y intercept is -4. Also, the slope is y=3/4x-4
  • Question# 4
  • First I found out that there was no Y intercept, so the equation would be Y-MX. Then I saw that the slope has a run of 1 and rise of 3. So Y=3X
  • Conclusion
  • Those are all the explanations to the math problems in the Digital Notebook Assignment Project
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