browns prodject
Updated: 3/31/2021
browns prodject

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school work

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  • Uh It's school on a Monday.
  • Well no point of crying about it.
  • Well i'm here.
  • I've been watching you and I see how strong you are.
  • dang i forgot my book history, oh well its fine
  • gosh i also have to use the bathroom
  • Hey im zuse and you look like you want a misson
  • the rewird is all my power
  • Well I'm going to... wait whats happing to me. i can't feel anything
  • welocme
  • this is strange
  • how did i get here Um...
  • welcome
  • yes I do and what do I have to do and do I get a reword.
  • And you have to klill the god arise
  • But I don't want to die
  • here this will make you stronger. Now i'll bring you to the battle field.
  • Don't worry i've given you the power of a god. You will be fine.
  • Alright, lets go.
  • He prayed to the god of wisdom and she gave him advise.
  • They finally meet but Zeus starts losing because he doesn't have as much experiences. He is tired he dose not give up.
  • reamber never give up on things youve lost
  • here is your note book that i stole.
  • you have now died with a bolt of lighting in your chest and i shalle clam my prise wiche is my power ive gained
  • he finally kill's aries
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