persephone and pomegranete
Updated: 3/18/2020
persephone and pomegranete

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  • Persephone and Demeter are Mother and Daughter, Demeter never wanted persephone to leave her side at all. Meanwhile, Zeus, Persephone's father was thinking, when is persephone going to get married? then hades popped out of nowhere and said, i would like to marry Persephone. "Will you give me Permission? "Zeus said yes. So here's what happened.
  • One day Persephone was picking up flowers on earth, She was really happy. As she walked through the garden she saw every flower bloom as she is a Goddess of Vegetation.
  • Eat some Pomegranate Persephone!
  • Okay!
  • While she was picking up flowers, a soldier caught her hand and grabbed her to enter a hole which led to the Underworld.
  • Persephone was shocked when she saw Hades, god of the underworld. "Will you marry me?" said Hades, Persephone was even more shocked! I will have time to think about it. said Persephone.
  • A few weeks went by and Persephone started reconsidering the offer of Hades's Marriage arrangement. She felt happier. then Hades said, "Persephone, eat the seeds of this Pomegranate". Gladly, Persephone ate six seeds and felt more happier then ever.
  • Eventually, persephone returns to her mother and tells her about Hades and the Pomegranate. Then Demeter asks how many seeds she ate. "I ate six", said Persephone her mother was in rage and got upset and said, you fool! now you have to stay with hades for six months!! And that was the end. That's how the seasons came here. Winter and Autumm is when persephone leaves to be with Hades. And in the summer and spring is when Persephone is with her mother.