Ratification Issues
Updated: 10/10/2018
Ratification Issues
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  • Legislative Representation
  • During the Convention, everyone recognized a need for a strong central government, but representation was an issue. The larger states proposed the Virginia Plan that had a bicameral legislature with representation based on wealth or population. The smaller states proposed the New Jersey plan that would implement a one-house legislature with equal representation for all states.
  • Slavery became an issue when counting up the population in regards to the House of Representatives. The Southern states wanted slaves to be counted to have a larger population, the North did not.
  • Slavery
  • The delegates faced an issue with how to choose the President. Some believed Congress should appoint the President, but others feared that that would allow Congress to control the President.
  • Presidential Elections
  • Connecticut Compromise
  • The Connecticut Compromise was made to resolve this dispute. The compromise called for bicameral legislature with one house being based on population and the other would have equal representation.
  • 3/5 Compromise
  • After debates, the delegates agreed on a compromise to count three out of every five slaves towards representation.
  • Electoral College
  • The delegates agreed to set up the electoral college that would elect the President based on the states popular vote. The Electoral College was given their number of votes based on state representation.
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