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Math hair slaon
Updated: 3/11/2020
Math hair slaon
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  • This is Lulu's math hair salon. instead of paying for your haircuts you pay by solving math problems.
  • Ughh!! Mrs. Karen doesn't know how to teach trigonometry I hope this salon could get me ready for my exam, and make my hair look amazing 
  • Lulu's math Hairsalon
  • Welcome, how are you? my name is Layan how may I assist you?
  • 61
  • I am good thank you for asking. My name is Juju could you please dye my hair pink, I am in 10th grade and I have trouble learning trigonometry 
  • Where would you like to start on the lesson
  • How about SOH,CAH,TOA.
  • Okay first you need to need to know the rules: -SOH= sine = opp/hypCAH=cosine= adj/hypTOA=tangent=opp/adjThe second thing you need to know is how the questions will be like:-You will either need to find the trigonometric ratio, find a missing side, Find a missing angle.
  • Thank you I finally understand the rule could show me how to solve this worksheet?
  • Write the trigonometric ratio Sin j= opp/hyp= 60/61= 0.9Cos j= adj= 11/61= 0.18Tan j= opp/adj= 60/11=5.4
  • Find missing angle COS x= 4/5x= COS-1(4/5)x=36.8
  • What is the value of Y COS(30)/1=9/yY= 9/COS(30)Y= 10.39
  • 60
  • 11
  • K
  • 9
  • x
  • 60
  • y
  • L
  • 5
  • 30
  • 4
  • J
  • Thank you so much Layan I love my hair its soo good and also thank you I am going to ace this exam.
  • No problem any time
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