TKM ch. 30

Updated: 5/30/2020
TKM ch. 30

Storyboard Text

  • Jem is now in the house. He was asleep, and Athur was in the house.
  • It's Athur, sweetie.
  • Hey, Boo.
  • Dr. reynolds had reassured everyone in the house that Jem would be okay
  • He will be okay, he will just sleep until in the morning.
  • Mr. Tate and Atticus had disagrement about how Mr.Ewells had died. But it Atticus had soon realized that Jem wouldn't be in trouble.
  • How could you say that Jem wasn't they one who had killed Mr. Ewells.
  • He didn't kill anyone, Mr. Ewells had killed himself.