Dr. Gray Hat: The mystery of the kidnapping malware
Updated: 4/26/2020
Dr. Gray Hat: The mystery of the kidnapping malware
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Storyboard Description

We fallow our hero, Dr,Gray Hat ,as he has to try to find a crook going by the name ,kidnapping malware, and has kidnapped Mr. Robinson. To find this crook ,Mr. Gray Hat has to learn more and more about the different types of malware out there.

Storyboard Text

  • Put it under the name Dr. Gray Hat
  • Hello I would like to buy a coffee
  • A-A-re
  • I'm sorry did you say someth-
  • Yeeeeees?
  • I'm sorry about that. You are needed at the malware prison
  • I make sure to never kidnap somone untill i have enouph information on them to do so. like birthday, email password, social security number, etc.
  • Ok ,but what for?
  • Well, Mrs. Robinson will tell you all about it
  • Ok ,yesterday my husband was kidnaped by a huge crew and immediately I called the cops
  • Please, Mr. Gray Hat could you help us find out which of the 5 took my husband
  • They were able to find 5 suspects on the property
  • alright fine
  • Here are the five supests mr.gray hat
  • Good now everyone tell me everything you know about the night mr.robinson was kidnaped
  • For I only wait for my kidnapese to come to me. Also i usally only work by myself, so i have no crew
  • Hello, my name is phishing i did not have anything to do with your friend's disapearens
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