university 100
Updated: 9/11/2020
university 100

Storyboard Text

  • Desde pequeña mis padres me enseñaron el español y en la escuela aprendi el ingles.
  • I grew up with my Dad, my Mom, my older sister, and my younger brother.
  • In the house Spanish is the dominant language, but with my dad and my siblings I talk spanglish/ Spanish or just English.
  • At school I mainly spoke English with teachers and friends, except with my Spanish teacher and friends that spoke Spanish. Occasionally I would learn words and phrases in Armenian.
  • En la iglesia, Hablo solo Español porque la misa se celebra en español y la mayoría de la comunidad son hispanos.
  • I speak both Spanish and English at work and I love that I do because many customers will only know Spanish and need someone who they can communicate with to order.
  • In other events that involve communities. I would mainly speak English but if needed I can speak Spanish.