episode 1 storyboard
Updated: 2/9/2021
episode 1 storyboard

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episode one story board

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  • 2/14/21
  • Physics Season 6: Covid EditionEpisode 1: Chemical Reactions
  • Opening Credits:Editor: Ava RichardsonFilmed By: EveryoneResearcher: Alex Agranov and Sam WallaceWriter: Julia Judaken
  • Estimated Runtime: 6 minutes
  • Sam will give a quick introduction about how we will be covering chemical reactions in this video
  • Sam will then define and explain the first chemical reaction, combination reactions, in a voiceover with a demonstration of gas molecules taking place as b-roll
  • Insert Chemical Equation Here
  • The camera cuts to Adrian who is talking about decomposition reactions and combustion reactions. Student 2 first explain decomposition reactions and demonstrates by lighting a match.
  • Adrian then explains that this is also a combustion reaction. Adrian explains what they are and how they can sometimes overlap with other reactions.
  • The camera cuts to Alex who states there are 2 more chemical reactions but he can not demonstrate them in real time. Alex then explains what a single replacement reaction is and writes the chemical equation on a whiteboard. Alex then explains the last chemical reaction, a double displacement reaction and writes the chemical equation on the same whiteboard.
  • Insert Chemical Equations for Single Replacement and Double Displacement Reactions
  • Cuts back to Sam who concludes the video with what a general summary of each reaction is and a real world example of each reaction.