Me and him
Updated: 2/4/2021
Me and him

Storyboard Description

happy valentines

Storyboard Text

  • So after the first dance in the salon, he took me outside to the fountain, and he grabbed me and said "lets dance'.
  • then we chatted on the bench, and when I got up, I triped, he caught me, and we kissed.
  • Then, we both said, "I am so sorry!" we blushed, and just left each other, the next days were weird between us until valentines.
  • on valentines, he smiled at me and I would kinda evoided him, I also told Kitsi and Tania what happened.
  • later that day, Dante came up to me and said, "will you be my valentines, and be honest, if u dont just say it. "its cuase, I do like you but…" I said and he cut me off, "meet me at the dance".
  • I told Kitsy and Tania about what he had said and they said, "go" so we pick out an outfit for me and went with our dates.