The Cell Division Process
Updated: 1/14/2021
The Cell Division Process

Storyboard Text

  • Metaphase
  • During Interphase, the cells are just doing their job and just doing cell things. Interphase has 3 stages, G1, S, and G2.
  • Hey Cell#69, I have called you here to inform you that your DNA must be copied to prepare for the division process.
  • Anaphase pt. 1
  • Okay, lets make sure I don't make any mistakes.
  • In S-phase, the cell copies its DNA. It'll also gather nutrients that is needed for this process.
  • Anaphase pt. 2
  • Prophase
  • During the start of mitosis, the prophase (which is the first phase mitosis) is when the nucleus disappears and for some organisms like us, the centrioles can be visible.
  • During this phase, the chromosomes start to align in the middle of the cell. It is connected by spindle fibers so that it can be split in half
  • In Anaphase, the chromosomes are split in half by the centrioles and spindle fibers.
  • During the end if Anaphase, the chromosomes have split off evenly to both poles.
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