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Updated: 3/31/2020
Unknown Story
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  • One afternoon, Addison and Charli were on their way home from school..
  • That's because we are moving at the same speed as the vehicle. Since we are relative to it, we are stationary.
  • Hey Charli, why can't we feel anything when we're inside a moving vehicle?
  • As they went went on the bus moving at a certain uniform speed..
  • Addison got confused.
  • The laws of physics stay the same inside the bus as they would on the ground when you are standing still.
  • This is Einsten's Theory of Special Relativity.
  • As she got off the bus, she observed the bus moving in front of her. Now that she isstationary, relative to her, Charli and the bus is moving at the same speed.
  • Oh yes! That was my favorite topic in our Physics class back when I was in Senior High School!
  • She got home and asked her dad about this, as she got more curious of what she has observed.
  • Hey Dad! I am a bit confused, do you know what Einstein's Theory of Special Relativity is all about?
  • Basically, the theory of special relativity explains how space and time are linked for objects that are moving at a consistent speed in a straight line. One of its most famous aspects concerns objects moving at the speed of light.
  • hmm, can you please tell me more about it?
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