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Updated: 3/27/2020
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This storyboard is about starr and her dsyfuctional life style she lives in

Storyboard Text

  • ''because hailey wanted all of us to die our hair purple''
  • Starr is to busy to realized that everything hailey does she follows behind her and Lisa points out that hailey isn't really a good friend.
  • ''Hailey even unfollowed mt tumbler and facebook''
  • I liked the jonas brothers
  • ''why did u die your hair purple starr the real why''
  • Which one was your favorite
  • Starr explains to Mrs. Monroe abouth the incident that happen on the night that it occurs amd she didn't bother to ask any questions about khalil but as soons as she brings it up about how many times he was shot.
  • ''And I cry and puke, cry and puke that's all i can do''
  • ''that will be all today sweetie thank you''
  • ''Im going to the school they need to know what's going on can she stay with u
  • Maverick and starr talks about about chris and she decribes what she likes about him and he asks her what's wrong with black boys she tell hims about her other bf before chris.
  • ''I've heard the stuff u said about interacial couples and i didn't want u talking about me and chris like that''
  • ''He is smart, funny and he cares about me
  • ''Did carlos know about them. So why did u tell him about the white boy''
  • King goes to maverick shop pulling up into a BMW with his gang and maverick tells him if he wants to we have to be alone king nods to his boys they stand by the car and king starts to question him about devante.
  • ''Nah if u want to talk we do this alone''
  • ''why he need money from you when he stoled 5g from me''
  • ''some people need to be careful when they talk to the DA wouldn't want them to be in danger cause cause they ran their mouth
  • Maverick and Lisa talks about the new job she may get at Markham Memorial and the kids overheard the conversation and was curious and kept asking questions maverick brought up that he promised he was going to get them out of garden heights.
  • ''I'll visit but i can't leave my mamma and my sisters Starr you know that''
  • ''It's the pediatrics Nursing Manager this is my second interview for it actually''
  • ''I'm going to get us outta of Garden Heights baby u got my word''
  • Maverick,Lisa and the kids moves into their new house in the white neighborhood and starr finally gets the chance to tell the truth on national live tv
  • wow this house is nice and all but i miss garden heights and why do we have to move because of king
  • mommy i like the new house it's perfect but i also miss garden heights
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